About this website .

This website is designed as a school assignment during my education as a graphic designer at Noroff - school of technology.

 Under the homepage, you come to the page that originally contains designs and products I have made. This page is now set aside to make room for this history. 
The blue box is the main page of the homesite. This is where you find the 5 different design styles of modern time presented in chronological order. From Swiss design - Pop art - Psychedelic - Punk/New wave and Grafitti/ Street style. 

You can also go to the different design styles directly in the nav. bar. 
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School Assignment:

This is my final mandatory assignment. We were going to create a website for presenting Graphic design history between 50ś - 80ś, including Swiss design, Pop art, Psychedelic design, New wave/Punk, and Grafitti/Street art.

I have re-written many of the pages and styled it so you can consume information in the best way possible.

On each of the styles, the stereotypical background pictures are made by me. Just for a simple illustration, and something to guide after while reading about the different styles.

Fact on these pages:

Information and facts on these pages are not self-written or found out by me. I am not a historian, I am simply a happy designer appreciating history. So, unfortunately, I cannot guarantee that everything is completely on point. Thanks for understanding! 

I have linked the sources on the bottom of each page, and I highly recommend visiting them for more information.

How to use:

On the main page ( TIMELINE )you can see the different design styles and a bit about them. If you click on the headline you will be taken to a more detailed on information site about each style. 

Each site is divided into the following sections:

- Information and guidelines on the top of the page. 

- Different examples of design made with that style. 
* Note that they are often connected to important persons or events. On almost every site, there is one design that represents the start of the era, one famous piece, one "typical" design, and one new piece made with inspiration from that style era.

- Under on the left (Web version) you have characteristics from that specific style. What it typically looked like, use of colours and what style of typography. 

-Under you have historical events. Some are directly connected to the style, some are just important general info. 

- On the right, there are well-known people. 

- In the end, you will find links used to create the site.

A little bit about me

My name is Sonja Foss, I am a 22 year old Graphic Design student at Noroff. 

I love to be creative and take on new challenges. Versatile style, often adding work and time into detail.

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